Our policy is to provide this information within 48 working hours of your request.  In order to be able to provide this information in a timely manner we need your assistance with making sure the following items are transferred to the new owner at the time of closing (If applicable). Please note that not all items apply to every community. 
  • Governing Documents (i.e. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), Master Deed, Bylaws). (All Communities)
  • Pool Key – needs to be transferred to buyer if not transferred there is a replacement fee $25-$75 to replace the pool key.
  • Building Access Card and Garage Door Opener needs to be transferred to buyer. If not, there is a $20-$50 replacement cost. (Condos only)
NOTICE: Not all communities allow rentals, If a property located within, Campbell Station, Buckner Crossings, or Dakota Pointe is knowingly sold as an investment property then it will automatically be turned over to legal.
***By submitting this form it does not mean you are responsible for any item fees not transfer at closing. It is just certifying that you are making the best effort to insure the seller/buyer is aware of the fees for the items that are not transfer at closing.***
Closing Requests
If Buyer will not be residing at the purchased property, please provide us with an address they can be reached at: